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My gallery contains everything from the most serious to the most silly. The most cute and polite to the most "in your face" and politically incorrect. Photography, photomanipulations, music, videos and more!

People who are easily offended probably won't like a lot of what they see. An open minded sense of humor and free spirited nature, is pretty much required. Unless becoming outraged is your goal, then never mind. Proceed onward! :)

My opinions and expressions are exactly that. MINE. I feel no need nor desire to conform your views to mine, nor do I feel the need to justify nor prove myself nor my expressions nor my views to anyone else whom might demand I do so. We are all our own sovereign authority and we do not require anyone else's approval, consent, or validation to give us permission to be ourselves, think as we think and feel as we feel. We all reserve the right to be ourselves as individuals and if anyone sees your individuality as a threat to theirs, this isn't your problem unless you choose for it to be. If you choose to see someone else's individuality as a threat to yours, this isn't their problem unless they choose for it to be.


With that said: I welcome your feedback. Questions, opinions, whatever. If however you feel inclined to demand that I justify my thoughts and feelings to you as if I somehow need your stamp of approval to be myself -- you are going to be seriously disappointed because I will only laugh at such ridiculousness. I'm not afraid to be blunt, bold and forward. :)

I welcome conversation, I do not desire debate. With that said -- I hope you enjoy my gallery. If you don't, then thats perfectly fine as well. :)

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Random from Female Photography

This is one of my FAVs FOLDERS. Portraying the ladies in a respectful, silly, serious, fun, funny and uplifting way -- and NOT as an "item on the value meal menu" to be used and then discarded. Admire the beauty. Respect the person. Think with the head on your neck that has the brain in it.

You might also find my REGARDING THE LADIES Gallery Folder to be of equal interest. :)

I would like to remind the ladies -- within this favourites folder -- that on some page somewhere ... probably a lot of pages in a lot of places (depending on how much photography you've done, of course) -- that you will most likely see yourself there.

As you look at all of the other girls pictures that surround yours and you think to yourself "my God, she is pretty ... I so wish I could be like her!" .. I would like to remind you that she is thinking the exact same thing about you, when she is looking at your picture.

You are all beautiful, just each of you in your own unique way. I would simply like to make sure you are reminded of it.

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Its Not About You by katerinaroy Its Not About You :iconkaterinaroy:katerinaroy 6 2 Super Cool by katerinaroy Super Cool :iconkaterinaroy:katerinaroy 3 9 Head back stock pack by QueenWerandra Head back stock pack :iconqueenwerandra:QueenWerandra 8 8 Portrait looking down profile stock I by QueenWerandra Portrait looking down profile stock I :iconqueenwerandra:QueenWerandra 9 9 Portrait looking down profile stock II by QueenWerandra Portrait looking down profile stock II :iconqueenwerandra:QueenWerandra 13 0 Over the shoulder stock pack by QueenWerandra Over the shoulder stock pack :iconqueenwerandra:QueenWerandra 11 4 Over the shoulder dynamic lighting stock by QueenWerandra Over the shoulder dynamic lighting stock :iconqueenwerandra:QueenWerandra 13 8 Katalin's window by QueenWerandra Katalin's window :iconqueenwerandra:QueenWerandra 53 17 Clawed hand reference stock pack by QueenWerandra Clawed hand reference stock pack :iconqueenwerandra:QueenWerandra 7 5 Clawed hand side reference stock by QueenWerandra Clawed hand side reference stock :iconqueenwerandra:QueenWerandra 5 9 Natural almond shaped nails reference stock by QueenWerandra Natural almond shaped nails reference stock :iconqueenwerandra:QueenWerandra 3 2 Natural almond nails hand stock by QueenWerandra Natural almond nails hand stock :iconqueenwerandra:QueenWerandra 2 0 Hand spread reference stock by QueenWerandra Hand spread reference stock :iconqueenwerandra:QueenWerandra 1 3 Fingers together and apart stock reference by QueenWerandra Fingers together and apart stock reference :iconqueenwerandra:QueenWerandra 2 0 Vulcan hand sign reference stock by QueenWerandra Vulcan hand sign reference stock :iconqueenwerandra:QueenWerandra 2 0 Holding palm stock reference by QueenWerandra Holding palm stock reference :iconqueenwerandra:QueenWerandra 3 0


My favs can be as controversial as the stuff I make. Common sense is not advised. Its REQUIRED! :-)

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Who is your FAVORITE deviantART PHILOSOPHER? (I won't be #triggered if you don't pick me hahaha) 

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United States

Truth always exists far outside the box of the belief systems you are addicted to and will fight violently to the death to protect. So either get rid of your box, or stop seeking truth. You can't have it both ways. This ESPECIALLY goes for you so-called truthers and so-called spiritual gurus who insist that your view is the only right one.

I am here to have fun, express myself, share information and be myself to the best of my ability and to respect everyone else's rights equally, to do the same thing. I am not here to convince anyone of anything, be convinced of anything, to "fit in" or win any popularity contests. I am not here to impress you. I am here because I enjoy deviantART. If your ego is easily offended, then you browse my profile at your own risk to your insecure ego. You've been warned. :)

Its a BEGINNING, not an end.

In all honesty, its going to be for each of us whatever the hell we each as individuals, decide to make of it. Equal potential for our wildest dreams and worst nightmares. This is not the entry into some fantasy world where we're all going to be singing kumbayah around a camp fire, holding hands, dancing with angels and roasting marsh mellows. Nor is the Earth going to blow up nor be destroyed in any other way. If you're reading this, you survived. congratulations.

It will be the "end of the world as we know it" and in many ways, it has already been that. Look at how different your life was 5 years ago than it is now? Look at how those changes have been exponential compared to the lives of those who have experienced changes in the past decades and centuries.

There is no "one size fits all" explanation for whats going on. We all think uniquely, we're not clone troopers. You need to use discernment and take what explanations resonate with you and discard the rest.

If you are looking for one know-it-all expert to jump out with all the answers, you'll be waiting until hell freezes over. There are perfectly sound spiritual answers which have been passed down since ancient times. But not everyone jives with that expression, so it will sound like bullshit to some. There are perfectly sound quantum physics answers, but again -- not everyone jives with that expression, so it will sound like bullshit to some. Same with metaphysics. Same with classical mechanics. The list goes on.

Truth is colored by perspective and we are so unique as human beings, that no one but YOU can seek and find YOUR ultimate answer to the 2012 phenomenon; because your answer belongs to you and you alone -- because only you live your life.

The expressions of others can only inspire you with ideas to aid you in finding your answer, but in and of themselves are not your answer. Merely expressions you resonate with which can inspire you to dig further into yourself and discover for yourself, who you truly are and what it is you truly desire to become.

The closest thing I can give you to any sort of universal answer, is the video below. It falls seriously short of being a universal answer, just as any and all answers will fail in this regard. But the creators of this video have put it simple, much like a children story. There are "spiritual overtones" to this, you're not obligated to take any of it seriously if you don't want to. But you might want to listen with an open mind to just get the overall point. Because if you watch this objectively, you will see that the overall point is: the rest of your life can and will be whatever you decide to make of it. Its how the universe is structured. Like attracts like. Frequency attracts itself to itself. What you put out, you get back. What you put energy into, grows. Circumstances don't matter, only state of being matters. However you want to express this idea, theres no right or wrong about it. Express it however you see fit to. Whatever works for you.

"The only truth that matters to each and every one of us as individuals is that unique truth, which resonates within each of us. To find such a truth, you must first accept that there are no omnipotent voices or theories. Rather, you must commit yourself to search for the truth, fashioned in your own design and conducted at your own pace. Only in this way can you find that unique truth, which resonates within you. It is a difficult process, but once you have found it, those who would dissuade you with false entreaties, mockery or the threat of humiliation will become irrelevant to you. This is not a heat and serve TV dinner. In order to get at the truth, you have to cook it yourself." -- Marshall Masters

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The legal system in America (and most places) does not work the way we're told it works. It does not matter what the written laws actually are, nor does it matter what is and is not actually right or correct, factually or morally. The law also does NOT apply equally to everyone.

The legal system is more like a very complex game of Go. Here are the only things that matter in this game:

- Who is being sued
- Who is doing the suing
- Who the judge is
- Who the lawyers are
- How much money each participant has
- How much social influence and connections each participant has
- The interest (or lack there of) of powerful third parties
- The potential public reaction to what transpires

So it is all basically a game of weighing cost / benefit probabilities.

It has exactly two things to do with the actual law: JACK and SHIT.
Why Steemit Confuses Most People
Its not magic.
Its not perfect.
But it is pretty neat so far.

Steemit here:…

KEK Fella by paradigm-shifting To ENLIST in the MEME WAR, click here:…

:iconkekistani-ree-had: :iconcontroversyinc:
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*note: all deviations created under Ubuntu Linux using a bare minimum of one of the following: kdenlive, winff, devede, openmpt, wine, audacity, gimp.

DISCLAIMER: everything I say, without exception, is my OPINION. If you find this concept unacceptable, then do not watch my profile and go hide in your safespace.
If you really want to "Make America Great Again" then start learning how to be great in your own life. No politician can do that for you. Once enough of us are "being great" then America will return to its former greatness of the good ole days when people actually had confidence.
The vast majority of us have been traumatized by at least one narcissistic abuser. The vast majority of us have also been brought up to faithfully and unwaveringly believe in the powerlessness of the individual and the immutable unbeatable god-like colossus super powers of corporations and government. You know all the old sayings. "You can't beat city hall" "Well, they've got millions of dollars and I'm just one person, how am I supposed to fight that?" and so on. Because this attitude has become the one singular global religion and the one singular god we all have been taught to worship regardless of what other God or gods we think we believe in -- this is why the world is the way it is and has always been, and all religions explain this in a concept called "as above, so below". On Earth as it is in the heavens (science & spirituality). For the individual as it is for the collective (society & human activity).

The dramas we have with dysfunctional parents, siblings, schoolmates, co-workers, boyfriends, girlfriends and whomever else -- this is the exact same literal situation as humanity's relationship with the elites (or organized crime, or the mafia, or wall street, or whatever buzzword makes your heart sing with approval). The elites exist because we choose for them to. They control us because we demand for them to. It is all we are willing to see as being real and therefore by our own choices and our own ability to control the global stage -- we choose to be their slaves. We choose to be abused by them. We demand abuse by them. Which is why when people first awaken, they rage against what they learn about the elites. Especially the truth movement.

As above, so below. As it is for the collective, so too also it is for the individual.

We use logical fallacies (race, gender, religion, nationality, trends and everything division-based) about EACH OTHER to justify remaining within the victim attitudes we are addicted to (our individual level abuser / abusers provide us with our fix, our drug, or justified feeling of righteous indignation and satisfaction) which perpetuate the dysfunction in our individual lives -- AND COLLECTIVELY: we all use logical fallacies about each other to justify remaining slaves to the elites (or whatever it is you want to call them). With our affirmations like "you can't beat city hall" and all of the other "poor little me" affirmations. It is literally the exact same thing.

LITERALLY, the EXACT same thing. Zero metaphors.

Two literal examples of literally the exact same one paradigm, operating simultaneously on two different levels, and with the same exact configuration and for literally the exact same reasons, in the most literal sense I can express literalness.



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